Every person has aspirations. Everyone makes a wish. Each of us creates plans. We imagine ourselves in this or that place of the globe… We start to make steps for making our dreams come true, but suddenly…

Diabetes is not just a diagnosis, it is another way of life. Now your patient obeys the control of his body. He is constrained to struggle with his everyday desires, he has to deprive himself of what he got used to. Now he is counting the calories and measures the blood glucose level, and you are the guardian of his new life…


Our mission is to implement the most prospective drugs for diabetic patients into practice, to give our patients a possibility to use the safest medicines and to minimize the advance of the disease. Your patients will definitely succeed in making their dreams come true together with us!


INSUPHAR LABORATORIES is the pharmaceutical company which has been established to operate exclusively for endocrinologists. The idea to create the company grew out of high progressive incidence rate of diabetes mellitus and other endocrine pathologies. The products for diabetes mellitus management have been produced in our laboratories in France and Great Britain during the decennaries. The list of our products includes the insulins of different duration of drug action and other antihyperglycemic agents, as well as concomitant products for management of metabolic disorders resulting from endocrine pathologies.

INSUPHAR LABORATORIES is using new approaches for antidiabetic products development and promotion. Despite of the tendency of pharmaceutical companies to ultimately conquer the market, high quality of our products and the comfort that we provide to endocrinologists for their successful activities are our main priorities.

INSUPHAR LABORATORIES is the unique pharmaceutical company which offers full range of products for endocrinologists.

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