INSULIPON – Thioctic acid

Thioctic (alphalipoic) acid is vitamin-like endogenous antioxidant with coenzymic properties. It is formed as a result of oxidative decarboxylation of alpha-ketonic acids. It contributes to decrease of plasma glucose concentration and increase of liver glycogen concentration and decreases insulin resistance, it is involved in regulation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and stimulates cholesterol metabolism. Due to its antioxidant properties, thioctic acid protects cells against damage by degradation products, reduces formation of end products of progressive protein glycosylation in nerve cells in patients with diabetes mellitus, improves microcirculation and endoneural blood flow, increases physiological content of antioxidant, glutathione. Contributing to decrease of plasma glucose concentration, it affects alternative glucose metabolism in patients with diabetes mellitus, decreases accumulation of pathologic metabolites in form of polyols and, therefore, decreases edema in nervous tissue..

Insulipon Tablet

Thioctic acid   300mg, 600mg  Tablets №30


Insulipon Injection

Thioctic acid   600mg/24ml Bottle №5

Thioctic acid   600mg/50ml Bottle №1