INSUTON – Hypoglycemic agent. Diabetes 2 type

Gliclazide 30mg   Tablets №30

Insuton is a second-generation oral sulfonylurea hypoglycemic agent that stimulates insulin secretion by pancreas, lowers blood glucose levels, enhances glucose-specific insulin secretory action and increases insulin sensitivity in peripheral tissues. In long-term administration, Insuton doesn’t cause habituation, increased postprandial insulin levels and C-peptide secretion persist. Insuton shortens the interval from food intake till insulin secretion, restores the early peak of insulin secretion in response to glucose (unlike other sulfonylureas that act mostly at the second stage of secretion), enhances the second stage of insulin secretion and reduces a peak of postprandial hyperglycemia. Insuton increases insulin sensitivity in peripheral tissues, stimulating glycogen synthetase activity in muscles, and reduces formation of glucose in liver, normalizing fasting glucose levels. In addition to the effect on carbohydrate metabolism, gliclazide improves microcirculation – reduces a risk of microvascular thrombosis.